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What you need Hardware/software you will need to enjoy the music.
Compositions for a variety of instruments and orchestra.
Arrangements for orchestra or instrument of works by other Viet musicians.
MP3 (Le Mai & PQTuan)
English verses for Vietnamese songs These can be sung to the original tunes
Translations These cannot be sung but I hope to convey the original's feelings
Articles on musical topics
Vietnamese Music Lovers (Sydney)

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Chào các ban yêu nhac    

Moi ban thuong thuc nhung ban nhac PQTuân và vài ban nhac Viêt Nam khac, soan cho guitar, piano và orchestra cac loai theo thê classical và jazz. Ngoài ra, còn nhung bài ca VN dich ra loi ca Anh, và nhung bài dich van xuôi mà ban co thê dung dê gioi thiêu nhac Viêt cho nguoi ngoa.i quôc.


Welcome to my music page. It includes samples of my own compositions and those by other Vietnamese musicians, written or arranged for classical guitar, piano and/or orchestras. There are also English verses (singable) for Viet melodies, as well as English translations (non-singable) of Vietnamese songs which can serve as an introduction for non-Viet speakers. 

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Ban cân gi

...dê nghe nhac (MIDI)

Muôn nghe nhac MIDI hòa tâu, ban phai co soundcard loai TÔT hay sound module. Dê nghi cac ban nôi "line output" tu soundcard vào amplifier trong may stereo, hoac dung môt headphone tôt, dê nghe duoc cac tiêng trâm. Nêu không dung soundcard loai tôt, ban se duoc nghe môt giàn ... ông bo ri ! (Nhung bài soan cho piano hay guitar solo thi co thê tam dung soundcard thuong). Ban cung co thê dung software synthesizer nhu Wingroove dê nghe nhac hoà tâu cho hay hon. 

...dê nghe nhac (RealAudio)

Ban cân download free Real Player. 

...dê nghe nhac (MP3 - Near-CD quality)

Ban cân download RealJukebox (free). 

... dê tap hat theo "nwc" files

Ban cân download free Noteworthy Player. Ban se thây nhac và loi chay trên screen va dông thoi nghe nhac, nhu Karaoke. 

...dê coi ban hat, guitar, piano: 

Muôn doc và in nhac ban PDF, ban cân co Acrobat Reader (free software).

What do you need

...to listen to MIDI files

Best effect is obtained by using an external sound module (synthesizer). Older computers have SB16 sound cards: these are NOT suitable for orchestral pieces, only for piano or guitar solos. Many will have AWE32 or AWE64 cards: you can hear orchestral music with these but the quality is poor and there is a lot of background noise. For best effect you should connect the "line out" outlet from the soundcard to the amplifier in your stereo set. An inexpensive way to improve the quality of sound from soundcards is to use a software synthesizer such as Wingroove   

...to listen to RealAudio files

you need to download the free Real Player. 

...to listen to MP3 files (Near-CD quality)

you need to download RealJukebox (free). 

...to sing along using "nwc" files

Download the free Noteworthy Player. You wil be able to see the notes and lyrics and hear the music at the same time, as in Karaoke. 

...for song, piano and guitar scores 

To read the scores in Acrobat (PDF) form you need the free software Acrobat Reader  
Copyright Notice   
This music page was set up for purely cultural purposes. All works herein, unless otherwise stated, are original compositions, arrangements or translations by Pham Quang Tuan. Any commercial use must have written permission from the author.
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Original Compositions
Classical style
Muà Thu Trong Thung Lung
Trân Khanh & Pham Quang Tuan.
Midi(orchestra). Verses Song score (gif) Song score (pdf)
La Thu Xanh
Pham Quang Tuan.
Midi (Piano & orchestra). Verses. Song score (gif). Song score (pdf)
Chi Còn Thuong Nho Thôi
Trân Khanh & Pham Quang Tuan.
Midi (Band). Verses. Song score (gif) Song score (pdf)
Men Chiêu
Pham Quang Tuan.
Midi (Trumpet and guitare). Verses Song Score (gif) Song Score (pdf)
Nhung Chiêc Lá Mua Thu
Pham Quang Tuan.
Midi (orchestra). Verses Song score (gif) Song score (pdf)
Thôi Dung Giêt Nua
Pham Quang Tuan.
Midi (Song&guitar). Verses Song score (gif) Song score (pdf)
Men Tình Còn Nhu Say
Pham Quang Tuan
Midi (Piano/violin). Verses Song score (gif) Song score (pdf)
Thoáng mo qua
Pham Quang Tuan.
Midi (piano). Verses Song score (gif) Song score (pdf)
Anh sao roi
Pham Quang Tuan.
Midi (orchestra). Midi (Voice& piano). Verses. Song score (gif) Song score (pdf)
Nhung Canh Dào Cuôi Xuân
Pham Quang Tuan
Midi (piano). Verses Song score (gif) Song score (pdf)
Mo Trang
Pham Quang Tuan
Midi (piano). Verses Song score (gif) Song score (pdf)
Dòng sông hoài niêm
Trân Khanh & Pham Quang Tuan
Midi(orchestra). Verses. Song score (pdf)
Bài tình ca dau tien
Pham Quang Tuan
Midi. Verses
Song score (pdf)
Castles in the Clouds
Pham Quang Tuan
Midi (piano) (guitar) Verses
Song score (pdf) Piano score (pdf) Guitar score (pdf)
Tieng hat tren song
Pham Quang Tuan
Midi(voice & guitar/piano) Verses
Song score (pdf) Song & guitar score (pdf)

Contemporary style
Ly Qua Kêu (The Crow)
Folk song
Midi (Piano duet). Notes on music
Cam Khuc 1
Pham Quang Tuan
Midi (piano). Piano score (pdf). Notes on music
Cam Khuc 2
Pham Quang Tuan
Midi (piano). Piano score (pdf) Notes on music
Cam Khuc 3
Pham Quang Tuan
Midi (piano). Piano score (pdf) Notes on music 
Da Khuc
Pham Quang Tuan - Thanh Tam Tuyen
Midi. Song score (pdf) Song & guitar score (pdf) Notes on music
Doan khuc mua
Pham Quang Tuan - Tran Dinh Luong
Midi. Song score (pdf) Song&guitar score (pdf)
Bien khuc "Mái Tây"
Pham Quang Tuan
from a tune by Mai Anh Tuan
Midi (tranh & guitar).
Màu khói
Pham Quang Tuan
poem by Khiem Le Trung
Midi (guitars). Score (pdf).
Pham Quang Tuan
poem by Thanh Tam Tuyen
Midi Song score (pdf). Song & guitar score (pdf).

Instrumental and orchestral arrangements by PQTuan.
Cành Hoa Trang
Pham Duy
Midi (Classical guitar). Guitar Score (pdf). Notes on music
Giang Sinh Tôi Am
Mai Anh Tuân
Midi (Band). Notes on music
Rung Thu
Mai Anh Tuân
Midi (Piano & strings). Notes on music
Thiên Thai
Van Cao
Midi (Choir). Notes on music - English translation
Giot Mua Thu
Dang Thê Phong
Midi (Classical guitar). Notes on music Score (pdf)
Thuyên Viên Xu
Pham Duy
Midi (guitar tremolo). Guitar Score (pdf). Notes on music
Ngâm Ngui
Pham Duy
Midi (Piano). Piano Score (pdf). Notes on music
Xuân Thi
Pham Duy
Midi (Guitar & orchestra). Midi (guitar). Notes on music
Biêt Ly
Dzoãn Mân
Midi . Notes on music
Vê Miên Trung
Pham Duy
Midi (guitar). Guitar score (pdf)
Thu ca dieu ru don
Pham Duy
Midi (guitar). Guitar score (pdf) Realaudio

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English Verses for Vietnamese Songs

Me Viet Nam

Introduction to Pham Duy's song cycle "Me Viet Nam" by Pham Quang Tuan
Me Viêt Nam, Part I: Mother's Earth (lyrics)
1. Our Mother (pdf) 2. Beautiful Mother (pdf) 3. Mother's Wait (pdf) 4. Mother's Rice (pdf) 5. She Welcomes Father (pdf
Me Viêt Nam, Part II: Mother's Mountains (lyrics) 
6. Mother's Question (pdf) 7. The Festival Is Over (pdf) 8. Mother In The Traveller's Heart (pdf) 9. Mother's Answer (pdf) 10. Mother Turns Into Stone (pdf
Me Viêt Nam, Part III: Mother's Rivers (lyrics) 
11. Longing To Go Home (pdf) 12. Obsessed Rivers (pdf) 13. Rivers Engulfing Mother (pdf) 14. Rivers Which Have Lost their Way (pdf) 15. Rivers of Division (pdf
Me Viêt Nam, Part IV: Mother's Ocean (lyrics) 
16. Mother Ocean (pdf) 17. Waves On The Eastern Sea (pdf) 18. Homeward Sail the Boats (pdf) 19. Lightning On The Sea, Rain On The Springs (pdf) 20. Silting Sands and Swirling Clouds (pdf) 21. O Mother Vietnam (pdf
Me Viêt Nam, Finale: Vietnam (pdf

Miscellaneous Folk Songs by Pham Duy

Rice Drum Song
(Tình Tu. Tin)
The Wind On The Bridge
(Qua Câu Gio Bay)
Pretty Bamboo Tree
(Cây Truc Xinh)
  Muôn co loi Viêt xin coi Pham Duy homepage

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English Translations by PQTuan
Bên Xuân (Shore Of Spring)
Van Cao and Pham Duy
Thiên Thai (Fairyland)
Van Cao
Hô Xuân và Thiêu Nu
(The Lake And The Young Woman)
Thê Lu
Truong Chi (The Boatman's Love)
Van Cao
More at Pham Duy homepage

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Mua Thu Trong Thung Lung (3MB) Le Mai (voice) & PQTuan (guitar).
Tieng Hat Tren Song (4.5MB) Le Mai (voice) & PQTuan (guitar).
Bai Tinh ca Dau tien (7MB) Le Mai (voice) & PQTuan (guitar).
Mai (5MB) Le Mai (voice) & PQTuan (guitar).

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